Carlos Ochoa

Born in Huacho, Peru, Carlos Ochoa is a photographer, journalist, and musician. He graduated from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru with a degree in social communications and audio visual production. He worked as a journalist and photographer in newspapers and magazines like La Republica and Cambio in Peru.

Ochoa studied classical and Andean guitar for four years at Jorge Yañez school of Music in Peru, before enrolling in the National School of Folklore, where he learned to play Peruvian native instruments including the ziku, quena, and charango. Living in Miami since 1991, Ochoa has performed in bands such as Pepe Alva & Alma Raymi, Bronce, and Cantamarka. He has served as a studio musician on sessions for such pop stars as Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Soledad, and Bacilos. Currently, Carlos works as a radio and video producer for Artburst and teaches and performs as an independent musician.

Carlos has served as videographer on many Carnival Arts workshops for Miami Bridge Central and Homestead campuses. He has conducted workshops at Miami Bridge Central in Andean flute in 2010 and at Homestead campus in Afro-Peruvian percussion in 2011.

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