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Artist’s Assistant

Spring 2019 Schedule


Sundays 4-6pm at Barry University, PACE/Rooney Building 11415 NE Second Avenue (Note: this building is directly across the street from the main entrance to Barry on Second Avenue)


Thank you for joining Carnival Arts as an artist’s assistant. You play an important role in helping young artists going through a difficult time by encouraging, supporting, and serving as a model for them during Carnival Arts sessions.

Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

1. Learn a bit about carnival. Here is one resource.

2. Be a good role model! You may be trying out an artform that’s new to you. Just go for it. Your most important role is to encourage the young artist you are working with to try new things too.

3. Stick with your partner. You will be working in pairs or small groups with a young artist. If he or she wanders off from the activity you are working on, follow. See if you can encourage your artist to return or to take up another task related to the session. If you can’t, sit or talk quietly with your artist. Invite him or her to try again every so often. Keep your artist motivated.

4. Do not ask or answer personal questions. Carnival Arts is not a counseling program. The youth receive counseling at the shelter. Your role is to be friendly and supportive, but not overly personal.

5. Dress and speak in a way that models appropriate behavior. Please dress modestly and stay away from conversations about illegal activities, sex, or drug use. If your artist introduces these topics or uses inappropriate language, ignore or deflect the conversation by pointing out that it’s not appropriate for Carnival Arts.

6. Don’t attempt to discipline the young artists. If they are speaking in an inappropriate way, change the subject. If they are disrupting the group or become physical, get out of the way and let the professional staff from the shelter step in.

7. Please come on time and stay until the end. We need your help to set up and clean up. Late comers are disruptive, and will be asked to leave and return the following week.

8. Put your cellphone away for the entire 2 hours. This is in part so that you can concentrate on the service you are providing. It is also because the youth have specific times and people they are allowed to call or contact. Often, when they see your phone, they will want to borrow it. This can lead to bad situations, such as them contacting a pimp or other harmful person in their life. Don’t tempt them by having your phone out and absolutely do not let them use your phone.

9. Before you can start, please bring to your first session written answers to the questions on the orientation quiz.

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