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Movies Inspired by History and Folklore

Year after year, characters beloved and feared return to carnival: Haiti’s whip-cracking general, Chaloska; the Dominican Republic’s mischievous devil, Diablo Cojuelo; and Colombia’s elephant-nosed Marimondas. Carnival Artists tell the tales of these and other carnival characters as well as the histories that shaped carnival in short and feature-length movies.

Maroon Chronicles

Two teenagers in love are captured by slavers in their village in Senegal, then sold to far-flung plantations in the Caribbean. Now they are on the run. Will they find freedom? Will they find each other? Carnival Artists tell the tale in an original feature film.

Diablo’s in Town

The Diablo Cojuelo is a favorite carnival character in the Dominican Republic. Here Carnival Artists came up with a script based on an old folk tale about a child who tames a giant with a song — only our giant is Diablo Cojuelo, of course.