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Snake Script


I. Presentation (10 minutes)

  1. Snake, pedicab with Ton Ton and Weezies enter through loading dock, head East on 34th Street to front of forum to perform yanvalou
  2. Snake goes west on 33rd Street to join Scavengers (CUE: Kongo dancers arrive)
  3. Snake follows shopping carts through protestor guantlet, continues east on 34th Street
  4. Snake heads down Alley, comes out on 35th Street, heads east and dances to and fro on Collins in space vacated by Marinella’s group

II. Chase (10 minutes)

  1. Snake runs south on Collins past Kongo (CUE: Kongo Approaches)
  2. Joins Kongo at back, follows North on Collins
  3. Scavengers chase Bel Kongo and Snake onto 35th Street

III. Battle (10 minutes)

  1. Vultures charge Boat/La Siren with carts
  2. Bel Kongo Singers with banners and snake protect Boat/La Siren
  3. Park Elevator opens with Siren Court — battle freezes
  4. Sing off: Siren Queen + Kongo Queen vs. Scavenger Queen
  5. Siren + Kongo Queen win

IV. Triumphal March (5 minutes)

  1. Siren Queen leads procession down Collins to 36th Street singing “Cherish Your Light”
  2. Bel Kongo follows, performing “La Siren, La Balen”
  3. Gueirreros guard Scavengers until Bel Kongo safely on road, then follow Bel Kongo, performing maculele
  4. Scavengers follow, reprise “When I Am Laid in Earth”
  5. Snake dances among all 4 groups