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Scavenger Script



Presentation (20 minutes)

  1. Skeletons & Scavenger Queen pre-set in back gallery
  2. Vultures, carts, Scavenger Queen Pedicab pre-set on back plaza
  3. Protestors exit garage unto 33rd street (CUE: after Bel Kongo passes)
  4. Protestors pass back plaza on Indian Creek to 34th street
  5. Vultures, Skeletons, Scavenger Queen follow with carts and pedicab
  6. Scavengers perform”When I Am Laid in Earth” on 34th, between bleachers

Chase (5 minutes)

  1. Protestors lead vultures and skeletons down Collins Avenue
  2. “Remember me” chorus accelerates as Scavengers chase Bel Kongo
  3. Scavengers chase Bel Kongo onto 35th Street

Battle (10 minutes)

  1. Protestors use placards as shields to fight Gueirreros
  2. Skeletons and Protestors without placards fight Gueirreros with Red Pom pom sticks
  3. Vultures charge Boat/La Siren with carts
  4. Bel Kongo Singers with banners and snake protect Boat/La Siren
  5. Park Elevator opens with Siren Court — battle freezes
  6. Sing off: Siren Queen + Kongo Queen vs. Scavenger Queen
  7. Siren + Kongo Queen win

Triumphal March (5 minutes)

  1. Siren Queen leads procession down Collins to 36th Street singing “Cherish Your Light”
  2. Bel Kongo follows, performing “La Siren, La Balen”
  3. Gueirreros guard Scavengers until Bel Kongo safely on road, then follow Bel Kongo, performing maculele
  4. Scavengers follow, reprise “When I Am Laid in Earth”