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Transformative Art Created by Community

Carnival Arts offers workshops inspired by carnival traditions to teens living in crisis shelters across the state of Florida and to children and youth in schools and after-school programs in South Florida. These young artists collaborate with master folk and fine artists to create work inspired by carnival that confronts the violence they face today and celebrates their creative power.

Bel Kongo: Beauty, Identity, Power

The Kongo is beautiful, proclaims a popular Haitian folk song. But, the song continues, in that beauty there is great mystery: you don’t know me/you don’t know kongo. Carnival Arts explored that mystery in an exhibit at mia galleries in Summer 2016.

Celebration and Transformation: A Carnival Arts Retrospective

When the mia galleries in Miami International Airport invited Carnival Arts to present a retrospective exhibit in Spring 2013, we jumped at the chance. Little did we know how much our re-imagined carnival would resonate with world travellers.