Poly Mask Making Process

It's Elsie again, I am currently learning to make poly masks with constructive paper. I thought it would be an easy task, but I'm struggling because the paper is hard to bend in a certain way (I have to bend the paper on the dotted line, in order to be worn as a mask). YouTube [...]

Les Mis Miami

Today was the first Carnival Arts workshop of the 2019-2020 school year. Miami Bridge staff members Dimychal, Iva, and Pierre accompanied the young artists T., Sk., Shy, J, Sh, Sa., A., J., Jo., who participated and two more who observed. Two students from HUM 308 Storytelling for Social Impact joined: Sergeant Braxton and Miss Chandra. [...]

Haiti Carnival Parade

                The Miami Bridge Youth Program joined us on April 14th, 2019 for the Carnival Parade. The Carnival Parade takes place every year, each time with a different theme from a different country. This year, we decided to go with the country Haiti. The Carnival Parade is a way for the kids from the Youth [...]

Super Hero Mask Building Step 1

Last week, the youth and Barry students all invented superheroes, with special superhero moves. This week, we started building masks for our superheroes, using papier mache. This is a tradition used most famously in the Kanaval of Jakmel, Haiti. To inspire us, master drummer Catelus "Ton Ton" Laguerre played Haitian rhythms throughout the workshop. Attendance [...]

Eyebrow Slicer and Super Friends

Eyebrow Slicer Today was the first day of a new project: we are creating our own carnival characters by inventing our own superheroes. Master drummer Catelus "Ton Ton" Laguerre accompanied 17 young artists from Miami Bridge, 4 staff members, Dr. Landeros, 9 Barry students, and 1 community volunteer. We began as always with the energy [...]