Sunday with the Kids

Yesterday’s program started off by sending each other positive energy. We began with an icebreaker to help everyone feel comfortable. First we said each others names with a gesture, then we sparked it up and sliced each other while playing the silly samurai game which also let us get to know each other’s names even better (if we didn’t know someone’s name, you simply ask). After that we threw imaginary balls to each other to seal the deal and make sure we are all familiar with one another. Once we got comfortable we sat in a circle and learned the lyrics to the song “One Day” from Les Miserables, at first we were all pretty shy, but we got through a couple pages.

Shortly after that we got into the mask making process where the kids split up into tables and started working on the crafts. We ended by learning the lyrics of the song “Suffer Suffer” by Lady Donli and played the drums. We ended the night with musical instruments and lots of laughter.

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