Sunday with the Kids

Yesterday’s program started off by sending each other positive energy. We began with an icebreaker to help everyone feel comfortable. First we said each others names with a gesture, then we sparked it up and sliced each other while playing the silly samurai game which also let us get to know each other's names even [...]

Eyebrow Slicer and Super Friends

Eyebrow Slicer Today was the first day of a new project: we are creating our own carnival characters by inventing our own superheroes. Master drummer Catelus "Ton Ton" Laguerre accompanied 17 young artists from Miami Bridge, 4 staff members, Dr. Landeros, 9 Barry students, and 1 community volunteer. We began as always with the energy [...]

Carnival Arts Jaguar Band Does Conga

After spending the fall semester learning the dance and drum conga rhythms, the Thomas Jefferson Jaguars came up with an English-language version of the Cuban conga classic, "Yayabo": You were always saying that the Jaguars would never play again/but the Jaguars are in the street/Looking good and sounding sweet/and our rhythm can't be beat/Hey, hey, [...]

Splash Movie Ideas

Photo by Dana. Today the Carnival Artists explored ideas for a new movie. To build on past Carnival Arts projects, the group decided to make a movie and a series of music videos within the movie. Here are some initial ideas for the movie: Working Titles: Buccaneers Build a Bridge Seahawks of Abdul Characters: Evil [...]

Playing Royal

Between Christmas Day and New year's Eve, we had a mini-Carnival Arts session on Playing Royal. West African traditions of masquerade often include a celebration of kings and queens. We spent an hour each day exploring and writing about the qualities that make each one of us royal, sang a Haitian carnival song for the [...]

Areito Masks

Fall 2013 Carnival Artists from Miami Bridge Central and Barry University explored the legacy of the Arawak people -- the indigenous people of the Caribbean -- also known as the Taínos. Inspired by artifacts discovered in archeological digs, we designed masks using cardboard, paint, wire, cork, and straw in two workshops led by Rebeca Gilling. [...]

Maroon Chronicles – The Movie

Mariama and Youssou, two teenagers in love, are abducted from their village in Senegal and sold into slavery at different plantations on a Caribbean island. Each escapes with the help of friends, but the slavers chase after them. Will they find freedom? Will they find each other? Watch and see. Young artists at Miami Bridge [...]