Splash Movie Ideas

Photo by Dana.
Photo by Dana.

Today the Carnival Artists explored ideas for a new movie. To build on past Carnival Arts projects, the group decided to make a movie and a series of music videos within the movie.

Here are some initial ideas for the movie:

Working Titles:

Buccaneers Build a Bridge

Seahawks of Abdul


Evil pirate


A pirate ship

The ocean

At sea and Island of Abdul



Indians attack the island of Capitan Abdul while they’re at sea on the ship called, “the legend”.

Evil pirate kidnaps pretty girl


Abduls crew came up with a plan to attack the Indians at midnight while the Indians were asleep and got all of their jewels and bucs back.


Title: The Life of the Sea


Action: The evil pirate with a black evil parrot and 100 men attack the town of Buc Ville and burned the houses and killed half the population.

Conflict: The evil pirates kidnapped the captain’s wife. The captain called his men, Ray and Johnny to get her back. They took their ship “The Bridge” and went to sail. Finally they caught up and put up a fight with the ratio of 3 to 100. They lost!

Resolution: The captain’s men were bruised. They stopped the ship and got medical attention. Captain swore to the town that he will get revenge and after two days they set sail. When they finally saw them they created a plan to sneak into the ship, find his wife, plant bombs to 5 minutes and get out of there as quickly as possible.

K,G,N,Y Best Ideas

Title: Under the Sea.

Plot: Commander Red Feathers commands Captain Hook to take over the island of Calypso. The pirates take over the slave boat they see while on their mission and put the slaves onto their boat. Pirates throw all the Europeans off the boat of White tails. The Europeans get eaten by fish. The mermaids help the slaves escape pirate ship. The end.

Pirate – Captain Hook

The boat- Black Pearls

Flag Color – Black and red

The parrot – Commander Red Feathers

Island – Calypso


Mermaids, Fishes, Sand, Seaweeds , Peg Leg Pirate , Parrot on Shoulder, Boat, Rough Seas, Europeans, Island , and Flag.


Title: Buccaneers build a bridge

Plot: Buccaneers build the bridge (shelter) for all the slaves they free from the radioactive mermaids and their evil tyrant Xena.

Setting: the radioactive mermaid’s castle, the buccaneer’s ship, the bride

Characters: Xena the evil mermaid princess, Captain Jim-bob, slaves

Action: The evil radioactive mermaid princess Xena is being cruel to her slaves. The buccaneers and their captain J

                                  Sailor Gang

                           Amazing Grace


The story begins in West Africa with the prosperous and happy Moiuku Tribe. The tribe is unexpectedly attacked and raided, resulting in the tremendous sadness of the moiuku people. While on their journey aboard the Zanex into the unknown, the disheartened people hum a tune of sorrow and encouragement, which turns out to be the tune of the well-known song ‘Amazing Grace’


Enslaved People

Ship Captain and Crew



Mid 17th century, West Africa

17th Century Slave ship

Captain marry and her crew enjoys going on adventures on their boat called the buccs_nation. They were hunters. They hunt on the sea. Marry and her crew doesn’t hunt for sea animals or sea creatures but, there on the sea hunting for birds. Not just every type of bird but one specific bird “the buccaneer”. It all started when marry gave birth to her baby on see on the buccs_nation (the boat). Two days later on the top of the boat marry put her baby in the cradle for some fresh ocean smell. Out in the blue sky came this big red and black bird it was as big as the bottom floor of the boat, took the baby as a worm and flew away marry cries in spite of her baby being taken away. Five years past marry has been search for this specific bird with her crew on her ship. What happens when marry find the bird? What does she do?

Setting: ocean or the sea.

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