Carlos Ochoa

Born in Huacho, Peru, Carlos Ochoa is a photographer, journalist, and musician. He graduated from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru with a degree in social communications and audio visual production. He worked as a journalist and photographer in newspapers and magazines like La Republica and Cambio in Peru. Ochoa studied classical and Andean guitar [...]

Mia Leonin

The author of two books of poetry Braid (Anhinga Press) and Unraveling the Bed (Anhinga Press), Mia Leonin has been awarded an Academy of American Poets Prize. Her poetry has been published in New Letters, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner, Chelsea and Witness. Excerpts of her memoir, Havana and Other Missing Fathers (Arizona University Press, 2009) [...]

Marcela Diaz

Marcela Diaz is an Award Winning American/Peruvian choreographer who founded Afro conTempo, the first dance company in the United States to combine Afro-Peruvian folklore with Contemporary Dance. Marcela holds a Bachelor of Arts in African and Contemporary Dance Studies from Florida International University. Marcela’s research and technique studies include work with Peru Negro, Fabiola de [...]